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Electrical materials by Itronix


ITRONIX Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, official importer of high quality electrical materials and offers innovative solutions for tunnels, infrastructure, factories, farms and other specialized areas


ITRONIX Ltd. is a socially responsible company, working in harmony with market conditions, through a policy of loyalty, transparency, flexibility and honesty.

We strive to build and maintain stable, long-term relationships with our partners and customers.

The company is focused on complete specialized solutions.

The company is focused on the supply of electrical materials – switches, sockets, lighting, cables, cable trays, mounting and connecting boxes, electrical panels, electrical equipment, pipes, from leading European manufacturers. We offer a full range of equipment for home, office and hotel. 

For our customers we will provide the highest quality, competitive prices and delivery times, as well as complete innovative solutions.

ITRONIX is your trusted consultant and supplier of quality solutions and electrical materials.

ITRONIX Ltd. give you fast and secure delivery.